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With over 30 years experience in audio engineering and electro-acoustic consulting, Soundscape provides specialist hardware/system supplies and engineering services for electronic acoustic enhancement, acoustic treatment solutions, ambisonic/3D audio and high quality audio systems.

Stuart Gillan, owner of Soundscape, has worked in operational audio engineering for touring, studio, film & tv, theatre and post-production and is now an electro-acoustic consultant and system designer. Stuart is a musician, something he considers essential to critical listening, in understanding how audio is perceived and to provide used in high quality music recording, live mixes and in room acoustics.

We are: 

Soundscape works in conjunction with installation partners to provide a turnkey service for our specialist systems

Company Information

Soundscape is a privately owned company, based in Scotland and registered for VAT in the United Kingdom.

Address:                                     8 Glebe Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6DU, United Kingdom

Telephone:                                 08456 436922


VAT Registration No.             GB481358433, 

EORI No.                                    GB481358433000, 

XI EORI No.                               XI481358433000

Owner:                                        Stuart Gillan

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