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Creating acoustic performance factors for successful 

multi-purpose venues and renovating existing spaces for multi-functional use.



Creating acoustic performance factors for successful multi-purpose venues and renovating existing spaces for multi-functional use.

Electronic Room Acoustics

Soundscape is the exclusive supplier in the UK and Ireland, for Vivace and Vicello.

  • Design, supply and commission in conjunction with M-BBM/ASO and our installation partners.
  • Global system supply and engineering services in territories with no appointed Vivace partner.
  • Technical liaison for UK and Ireland based clients to partner territories

Variable, electronic room acoustics delivers benefits for everyone: 

  • increased flexibility
  • increased venue revenue
  • improved intelligibility and easier projection for actors or performers
  • on-stage acoustic feedback for musicians
  • enhanced listening environment for the audience

Optimum acoustics for every occasion…


Maximum Acoustic Flexibility

The world-class solution for maximum acoustic flexibility 

in venues and spaces designed for multi-functional use.

VIVACE allows the creation of appropriate acoustic conditions of the highest standard for any imaginable event:

  • Acoustic optimisation of concert halls
  • Enhanced usability for multi-purpose venues and spaces
  • Tonal flexibility for opera houses
  • Concert hall sound for open-air events with classical music
  • Temporary venues for classical music
  • Improved speech intelligibility in theatre performances
  • Speech lift for non-amplified presentations
  • High-quality directional sound reinforcement
  • Adding versatility to broadcast, recording and rehearsal studios
  • Design of acoustically demanding situations e.g. churches, stadiums, theme parks, museums and test laboratories    

Sound Art for Rooms

VICELLO: The cost-effective, baby-brother of VIVACE 

- for smaller, less complex acoustic spaces.  

Room acoustics play a decisive role in smaller auditoria, assembly halls, multipurpose halls or music school spaces - just as they do in major concert halls. 

VICELLO transforms your room into a concert hall with natural-sounding acoustics, making it work as an integral part of the instrument or voice, becoming a crucial part of the performance. At the push of a button acoustically dry and damped rooms develop a vivid and free room sound, enhancing performances and improving the listening experience.

With fewer inputs and outputs and a reduced number of processing algorithms than Vivace, but using the same central processor and electro-acoustic design approach, Vicello delivers the same natural and high density energy and late reflections as our flagship solution.

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