Audio | Acoustics | Electro-Acoustics

Audio | Acoustics | Electro-Acoustics

With over 30 years experience in broadcast, recording, touring  and electronic reverberation systems, Soundscape offers a range of services relating to audio, acoustic and electro-acoustic engineering . 


Audio | Acoustic | Electro-acoustic


 Audio | Electronic Acoustics | 3D-Immersive Audio

  • End to end audio system design, specification and budget planning for performance, education, recording and broadcast
  • Design of Vivace & Vicello electronic acoustic systems - for installation and live
  • Specification of acoustic treatment solutions
  • Content creation and conversion/mastering to 3D-Immersive/VR audio
  • Design of 3D-Immersive audio systems for performance and studio
  • AURA ray-tracing
  • Extensive library of manufacturer sourced speaker data and acoustic materials
  • Model construction - Sketchup Pro or physical site site survey
  • Collaboration and model sharing
  • Typical prediction factors - Sound Pressure Level,  EDT, Reverberation Time,  Intelligibility, Clarity, Sound Strength…
  • Project cost savings, risk reduction, design solutions meeting architectural requirements and client expectations

  • Class 1 (type approved) sound level meter/mic -  NTi
  • Class 1 sound calibrator - Casella
  • Multi-channel audio and electro-acoustic measurement SMAART v8
  • Audio interfaces and preamps - RME

Stuart Gillan is a member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) 

Typical Services:

  • Measurement and adjustment of gain structure, sound pressure level, EQ, dynamics, phase and delay for speaker systems and sub-bass system
  • Ambient noise levels, reverberation time, intelligibility, clarity, sound strength, lateral energy, etc
  • Independent sign off service for project managers and clients
  • Annual performance check and re-tuning e.g. frequency response, STI Rating , sound pressure level

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